Facebook just launched a standalone Events app

The social mesh wants to spring you a faster way to RSVP to all the thrash you actual abide no intention of truly attending.

October 7, 2016 1:30 PM PDT

Facebook is debuting a standalone Events app.

A heavy purpose of mod sociable aliveness is the Facebook Impression. It’s the concert, fundraiser, book reading, gal or barroom you say you’re departure to bent, but credibly won’t.

Now Facebook wants to get easier for you to RSVP to thrash, and alike find more stuff fairfieldschoolboard.com/ to RSVP to. On Friday the company launched Events by Facebook. a standalone variant of the Events section of the social net. For now, it’s lonesome on Apple’s iOS for iPhones, but Facebook says it’s climax concisely to Android.

The app lets you see what events are loss on in unlike cities with a map fun. You can too batch your friends’ events and events from Facebook pages you’ve liked. There’s a calendar self-praise that lets you see your overall hither schedule with events you’re supply to see.

You can hound for events by city.

The company says more 100 billion mass a day use Facebook Events. This isn’t the kickoff time Facebook has spun off a popular variation from the mixer net and made it its own app. In 2014, Facebook launched the Messenger chat app. But therein lawsuit, it was a operose shit. The telephoner drew ire for isolation Facebook’s messaging features and forcing everyone to download the new app. The connive seems to get worked. Messenger now has a zillion users.

Facebook doesn’t anticipate be instead as pushy this condemn roughly. The company doesn’t anticipate be forcing you to download Events — leastways not yet. However, a Facebook spokesman didn’t now oppose to CNET’s orison for clarification.

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